The creative business field is a unique sector of the economy that arose
as a result of the spread of mass communication and globalization in the UK in the second half of the 1990s. One definition of creative business claims that it is «activity based on an individual creative background, skill or talent, that can create added value and jobs through the creation and exploitation
of intellectual property». Creativity is a key factor in achieving success
in various areas of business.
«In a knowledge-based world where every city is faced with the need to be competitive and attractive on a global scale, the way forward is through creativity»
Charles Landry
British urbanist,
author of the book «The Creative City»
Creative industries — are the types of economic activity, which are based on the creation of intellectual property and the creation of products
and services that are perceived by the consumer as new. It is a synergy of creativity and entrepreneurship. The concept of their development arose in the midst of the globalization of the world economy, as a result of which there was a crisis of industrial areas in Europe.

«Creative class people have wide range of personality traits,
but psychologists find the most highly creative people tend to be high
in openness-to-experience, and this partly explains the tendency of highly creative people to cluster in exciting urban areas»
Richard Florida
American economist,
developed a theory of the creative class
«Ideas, creativity, imagination and innovation make up the universe of the Creative Economy, a term fathered by media businessman»
John Howkins
Implemented the notion of creative economy,
Member of the United Nations UNDP Advisory Committee
on the Creative Economy.
The Creative Business Foundation brings together entrepreneurs, public activists
and experts in economics, arts, cultural education, and creative industries in order
to realize creative business. One of its areas is educational work in the creative
industry and creative economy.
The main goal is to develop a creative economy in Ukraine and in the world.
«Creative Business and Innovation Economy – is a Millennium Trend. We are united by the belief in the incredible power of education and the capabilities of the latest technology»
Ruslan Anfilov
Head of the Creative Business Foundation
«Many Ukrainian cities have significant potential for the development of a creative economy
that can be successful today»
Mykhailo Radio
Executive Director
of the Creative Business Foundation
The main fields of activity of the Creative Business Foundation are:
— supporting small and medium enterprises, microenterprises, agrarian production;
— promotion of the development of national and world culture, science and education;
— development of partnership relations between state authorities and the business environment;
— establishing communication between entrepreneurs, creative personalities, scientists, students, and government officials;
— studying and using the experience of best practices in organizing a creative economy in Ukraine and in the world;
— promotion of business plans in the creative sphere;
— promotion of investment attractiveness of the country, development of innovation activity;
— participation in organizing and conducting meetings with leading scientists, politicians, agrarians, experts, artists, specialists, entrepreneurs;
— preparation of proposals to protect the interests of domestic commodity producers
on the domestic and foreign markets.

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